Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

After a whirlwind trip to visit Dan's parents in New York, we are back in the nest at Henbogle. Thanks to the faithful Antonio, home for February break from the University of Southern Maine, the zoo was in good hands while we were away. Fishy enjoyed 2 walks a day, and the girls were watered, and fed, if not cooed and coddled over.

We had a wonderful time. We celebrated Mom's 75th birthday, all Dan's siblings were there, and a couple of the grandchildren, too. As a bonus, Dan's sister Louise and I, and granddaughter Marianne, also February babies, got to hear the birthday song, and enjoy a cake for us, too. Amazingly, my birthday is February 3, Louise's is February 4, and Dan's mom's is February 5.

We had some pretty competitive games of Snatch, and played a few rounds of a word game Dan's Mom found, Ad-Lib. And we laughed a lot; we always enjoy the chance to see everyone. Happy Birthday, Mom! Best wishes for a very happy and healthy 75th year, and many more after that!

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