Saturday, February 24, 2007

Painter's Progress

Attention, Black & Decker, please contact me about becoming your product spokeswoman for the Mouse Detail Sander.

Seriously, I had heard from friend and fellow DIYer Holly the B&D Mouse was good, but really, it was an impulse (i.e. unresearched) purchase; I am awed by how WONDERFUL is the mighty Mouse. I knew we needed to sand the window frames and it would be a fussy, time-consuming job (not my favorite), but we have the water-stained, UV-damaged window frames ready to coat with polyurethane in about 2 hours, with frequent stops to clean up dust and marvel at the mighty Mouse. I love it.

And in other news, thanks, Karen for joining Dan and I at inaugurating the first of what I hope will be many champagne Fridays, and for bringing the pretty tulips! Tulips are my favorite cut flower. They really disguise the heaps of dog hair, road salt and other crud liberally adorning the house while we work on the painting project. Aren't they pretty?

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Yolanda Elizabet said...


Just found your blog. Your praises of the B&D mouse made me smile because I have one too and it's really a very useful tool. Bought a house a few years ago where the previous owners hadn't done anything to it in the last 23 years. Imagine the state it was in. But me and mighty mouse got to work and look at it now! :-)