Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yup, it's snowing

Well, we're getting the predicted snow, 4+ inches so far, with more coming, possibly with sleet, freezing rain or even a thunderstorm tonight.

We filled the bird feeders last night, and the birds were glad of it-- over breakfast I watched a beautiful female cardinal flitting from the grapevine to the feeders with a sunflower seed. The male cardinals are showier, but the females are beautiful this time of year, I wish the photo showed her coloring better. Enjoy the snow!

9 p.m. update: We've received about 10" of snow, and it has turned to sleet here. Our weather gadget is calling for thunderstorms, but the temperature is hovering at 10F so it's hard to imagine that will happen. The wind has picked up, but the sleet appears to be reducing the amount of drifting we are getting now. Not a letdown, exactly, but not as big a storm as I was expecting. At least so far.

6:45 am update: We received quite a bit of sleet overnight, raising our total to 14" of snow and sleet. Dan's district cancelled school today, but I'll be heading onto campus for another busy day, the second week of classes and the week before vacation!

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