Sunday, February 11, 2007

A big break from the cold

Wow, what a gorgeous day today. By 9 am, the temp was up to 25F in the shade, and the sun was shining. This afternoon, the temps hit above freezing (41F) for the first time in weeks.

Dan and I puttered about outside after lunch, shoveling snow off the new deck, and talking about an upcoming project, building a shade pergola for the deck.

A few days befo
re Christmas we drove by a "good used stuff" shop, and saw two gorgeous 8' porch columns for sale in the parking lot. (Imagine the screeching of the brakes at that moment.) Fortunately, we were in the truck, so after a bit of dickering, the columns came home with us. They are in excellent shape, we were really lucky. We plan to use them as pictured to support the pergola. We'll run the joists from a ledger board attached to the shed wall to a stringer connecting the two columns. I hope this will provide some badly needed shade for the deck. We'd been debating the merits of a pergola versus a shade cloth, but finding these beautiful columns for a song made up our minds.

This morning,
I was getting antsy to be outside, so I took Fishy for a long walk with my friend Karen. We got back to the house and Karen stopped for a snack (I'd made cranberry orange scones for breakfast) and some coffee. We had a good chat, then wandered about the yard, talking gardening and determining where to put the pizza oven this spring.

We decided it will need to be near the freestanding deck, a little way from the house. This way any smoke from starting it up will be well away from both our house and the neighbors house. We then went over to Karen's and determined where her pizza oven will go. We've decided we will build the two ovens together, sharing the work and our cement mixer, and learning from one another as we go. Only 37 days until spring!


weezer said...

Hi guys! I'm thrilled about your pergola project, the look in that location will be so flattering! Nice find on the columns! I'd like to suggest that if you're looking for a plethera of ideas for the look you want... when I thought I'd like to see one on the front of our house, I googled and saw some great looking ideas. I know you're going to enjoy it's benefits from hanging planters, bird feeders to its' cooling effect. By the way, shade cloth (canvas with gromets spaced on the side edges) can be hung from hooks beneath the beams for total shade. Good Luck!

Ali said...

Oooh Louise, good idea about the shade cloth. A quick Google led me to a place selling shade cloth fabric in the perfect width and color for the project!

I am looking forward this project, no more baking in the sun as I cook on the grill, and we'll actually be able to use the deck after 10 am....

Ali said...

ps louise, we'll see you soon!