Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beautiful Maine Sea Scallops

One of the many things I love about life in Maine is the seafood we have available. Tonight Dan brought home 5 lbs of Maine sea scallops, which were caught yesterday, shucked last night, and on our table today. They are so fresh they smell sweet, with a faint salty tang.

As a teacher on the coast, many of Dan's colleagues have friends, neighbors, or relatives who
are fisherman, so we have great opportunities to buy local FRESH seafood. An e-mail will go out to staff saying "the scallop boat is in, and anyone who wants scallops can let Betty in the guidance office know how many they want, and the next day, Betty will deliver them to the school.

We always take advantage of the scallop and shrimp boats, and buy some to freeze. The shrimp come all cleaned and vacuum packed, ready for freezing, but we freeze the scallops
ourselves, individually on cookie sheets, then pack them in zipper freezer bags, and enjoy good eating the day we get them, and many more after that.

Tonight we had seared scallops with spicy mango glaze over a salad of napa cabbage, spinach, red peppers, scallions and soy vinaigrette. YUM.


weezer said...

Ali & Dan, I haven't even finished reading the whole blog and I AM SOOOO... JEALEOUS!!! That's 1 of the many reasons we can't wait to get there! SEAFOOD straight from the oceans mouth!

Mom said...

I also am very jealous. The prices of shot up this week. Out of reach. Louise tells me it`s because of the rise in the price of gas. GRRR.

Ali said...

Scallops have gone up in price here, too, this year. No doubt the fuel costs are a big reason.

As a result, they will be more of a treat, thus we'll eat fewer, and wish we could eat them more often!

Anonymous said...

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