Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Blogiversary!

Just a few days after my pal Tracy over at Outside celebrated her 1-year blogging anniversary, today is the first anniversary of Henbogle. Welcome to Henbogle explained how Henbogle got its name, and what kind of information I'd be sharing on Henbogle.

One of my unstated goals of last year was to develop the discipline necessary to write every day, which is harder than it might sound, over the summer months --I knew that I would never manage to write every day during the academic year. On the whole, I succeeded, with 204 posts in the past 365 days.

Many other blogs have inspired me, some listed as Cronies, others not yet listed. Many thanks to all those bloggers who keep blogging, and blog-reading, fun and enlightening. I've learned that although I'm pretty outspoken politically, I don't want Henbogle to be a place where I get up on my virtual soapbox and rant. Occasionally I may offer opinions, but on the whole, I want to focus on what I can change and what I do. There's more than enough ranting to go around these days.

So we'll get started forthwith on the next year of blogging, with my observations on what REALLY constitutes the first day of spring.


Tracy said...

Congratulations! It's amazing how quickly one year goes by, isn't it? I'm also very impressed by your blogging record - 204 out of 365.

Dayngr said...

Happy Birthday Blog and Happy Blogiversary. It's mine as well. Keep up the good work!

Jean said...

I just got a Gmail account today