Sunday, March 25, 2007

On a roll

With the sewing room closet door installed, our thoughts turned to the doors for the storage cubby at the top of the stairs by our bedroom. After lunch, we got to work, and of course things did not go completely smoothly, but we perservered.

Due to the location under the eaves and at the top of the stairs, we made the door sizes uneven, as the right door swings out of the way, but the left door would be in the way of the stairs and could have been a tripping hazard.

With a few muttered curses and more than one reminder that this is "just a shoe closet," the doors went on.
The small router and table purchased at a tag sale a couple of summers ago made the job a bit easier, allowing us to create an even recessed spot on the door edge for the hinge to set. We had to use a chisel on the door frame, a much more challenging task due to the location and incredibly dull chisel. I wonder if that magic marker trick would work for sharpening the chisel? One door hangs a bit low because, yes, you guessed it, the opening is not square.

We'll work on that a bit later, when I polyurethane them perhaps. I also need to make cabinet knobs for these doors. In the meantime, I'm just pleased that another clutter zone is hidden behind closed doors. Following the successful installation, we retired to the kitchen for some homemade pizza and a well-deserved beer. After another jam-packed weekend, it's time to go back to work and rest up for next weekend ;-)

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