Thursday, April 19, 2007

Indoor Projects, part deux

Yesterday, we made a quick trip to the Fabric Warehouse in Auburn, looking for some upholstery fabric to make some footstools for the sewing room. We didn't find fabric for that, but we did find some gorgeous new fabric to recover the stained kitchen chair cushions.

I got these very comfortable Ikea chairs used from a colleague at my former employer about 8 years ago, and we recovered them upon purchasing the house with some fabric from Reny's. For $4.16 and a couple hours of not-too-difficult labor, and we have new glamour chairs, and while we were at it Dan re-tightened all the hardware holding the chairs together. They don't compliment the floor as much as the old covers, but I love the fabric which really compliments all the paint colors throughout the house. Time for a new floor I guess (I wish!).

1 comment:

Sue DeNym said...

The chairs look great! They couldn't look more like you unless they were plaid or paisley! Oh, and less cat hair...for now. I must come sit on the soon!