Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maine Blueberry Buzz

There has been a lot of buzz online and in agricultural circles about a massive die-off or disappearance of honeybees, where bees swarmed and failed to return to their hives. All Things Maine highlights an article in this week's Maine Sunday Telegram about the high costs of honeybees for Maine blueberry growers.

All Things Maine pointed to several informative links to information on the U Maine Cooperative Extension Service about bees and creating a bee-friendly yard.


Max and molly's Dad said...

From Mark McPheters

I heard this on the news the other day and wanted to learn more about the bees not coming home. I will read the articals when I get home. Check out my dog blog.

Lynn is looking forward to walking with you guys this summer.

Ali said...

And we are looking forward to walking with Lynn! It's good to see the puppy pics, they are growing really fast!

The bee thing is pretty scary, when you consider all the honeybee-pollination dependant crops grown in the US. The blueberries are just the beginning....