Monday, April 16, 2007

A Sorry and Soggy Start

Our vacation is not off to an auspicious beginning here at Henbogle. It wasn't bad enough that I had to work on what portends to be the best day weather-wise of the week, but then upon arriving home, we discover Marigold had been murdered. This morning, we are awash in wind and rain, with the forecast calling for flood-producing rain and high winds with gusts up to 55 mph. Sigh.

The weeks' forecast does not appear to be conducive to our original plan, constructing a new grapevine arbor, with rain, and a mix of
snow and rain, through the end of the day on Thursday (those little snowflake symbols in the national weather service forecast are getting mighty irritating). Friday the sun might appear, but at this rate, I'll be a believer when I feel the sun's UV rays killing my skin cells. I guess we'll move on to another project, constructing a rustic cupboard for the dining room --although am I tempting fate?

One thing is working, though, knock on wood (and pray the electricity doesn't fail). The new sump pump basin and pump in the basement are performing perfectly. The new pump is virtually silent, and the gravel filtration in the sump basin is working great to direct the water and keep it clean to protect the sump pump. Hooray for something going right!


Sugarcamp said...

Good to know the sump pump is functioning properly. So is ours since noon. The forecast for the week is extremely depressing. I have to agree. Mom

Ali said...

I hope yours continues to work and the power stays on!