Thursday, April 05, 2007

No, this is the April Fool's Joke...

Last night after an evening event at work, I drove home at 45 mph (or less) on the Maine Turnpike/I-95 in wet heavy, slippery snow.

We awoke this morning when Dan received a

call notifying him that school was cancelled. When we looked out the window, we saw about a foot of snow. Yes, it's the biggest storm of the season this year, and it happened on April 4/5.

Below are a few photos documenting the snow, which I hope will soon be gone. The Girls are NOT amused, especially since their snow dome is dismantled, so they have nowhere to go outside that is snow free. Poor chickens!

The view from the front window.

The forlorn grill, just recently used, now snow-covered.

The dog looking disgruntled with all the snow.


Vincent said...

Looking at the ruler I'm guessing you got about 11"?

Fisher looks like you just finished playing in the snow since he has some on his nose.

weezer said...

WHOA, AMAZING!!!!!! Did TWC take note of this??!! I HAVE noticed they don't say much about Maine's weather!? We had a few squals that didn't stick, except in Ludingtonville, on the Dut. Put. border.

weezer said...

P.S. There's nothing like a picture, it does tell all!

Ali said...

The official tally was 12 inches. I suspect the missing inch or so from the table is the snow which fell through the wire mesh surface. To top things off, there was MORE snow on the ground this morning!

The skies cleared this afternoon, and it is a lovely sunny warm afternoon, I have my office window open and I can hear the snow melting and dripping off the roof.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Wow that's a lot of snow. Hopefully it took care of eliminating any early bugs(pesty ones anyway) that came out early. And it should help the water table. Happy melting.