Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Receding Waters....

The water in the basement receded overnight, the new pump works marvelously, and things look much the same down there as they did yesterday morning. The water did get into the oil burner, though, which we shut down yesterday. When we tried to start the furnace this morning it wasn't happy, cough cough. Dan drove over to our service company office to ask for a service call, as our phone service is also not working. His presence probably sped up the process, our house was their first call this morning. It also helps to be just a stone's throw from their office.

Oddly enough, our DSL line is fine, but no telephone --we have internet access but cannot talk to anyone. We tested the line according to Verizon's online instructions, and it is an outside problem, ruling out our phones having been fried when the power flicked on and off repeatedly yesterday. Dan then submitted an online work request, and Verizon checked the line automatically, then scheduled a repair call for tomorrow between 8 am and 5 pm. We'll see.... in the meantime, if you need to reach Henbogle, best to e-mail us or stop by the house.

Surely things will start to improve soon?


Vincent said...

Gee now if only you had VoIP then you could still make calls. There are some down sides to it.

Vincent said...

For those wondering, VoIP is telephone over the internet, eg. Vonage

Rob Kellerman said...

I sincerely hope things get better soon! I'm fine up here in Augusta, where it's just blustery and wet.

Ali, I'm organizing all my blogs in my favorites lists. (See, I'm reading you regularly!) What is your and/or Dan's last name?

And, given all those recipes and photos that you keep posting, how do I wrangle a Midcoast invite to dinner? (!)

Your pal in Maine hipness, Rob