Thursday, April 19, 2007

Indoor Projects-- Removing Paint from Antique Hardware

Things are drying out here at Henbogle, and while they do, we found some indoor projects to work on. Ages ago, Dan had read a tip about removing paint from metal hardware by heating it overnight in a crock pot.

Recently at the recycling center's swap shop, we found a free
"Crockette," so yesterday seemed like a good time to test this theory. We have some hardware to the bathroom door. Someday we will re-hang the door and add the hardware so that it will close properly; we are now one step closer at least. Dan filled the Crockette with water, and 24 hours later, the old paint was easily removed, revealing lovely old brass hardware. A little polishing and it is beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Dave boiled some of our brass hinges and escutchens (apologies to the good spellers out there). They came out great, too. Way easier than using stripper, and easy to find a used pan for a quarter at a tag sale. . .