Sunday, August 12, 2007


The vegetable garden is kicking in to high gear at last. I have some baby yellow crookneck squash, the tomatoes are setting fruit and getting bigger, and boy oh boy are the beans producing!

We've had 2 big meals of the Indy Gold wax beans, and yesterday picked about 7 lbs. of beans. Today I made a double batch of dilly
beans and froze the remainder. We did buy 3 lbs. of Provider green beans from a local farmstand to make bi-colored green and gold dilly beans, as our pole beans are just beginning to bear.

I also picked a bit over 3 lbs. of Dutch shallots, I love their mild taste. This was a good year for them in my heavy soil.

Now that we've put up some produce, yet are still awaiting the tomato deluge, time to sneak off for a few more days of kayaking and camping in downeast Maine. Look for more news of Henbogle later in the week.


meresy_g said...

Looks like your garden is really producing. I feel bad, because a lot of my beans went to waste. Or went to feed the groundhogs.

Ali said...

I fed the groundhog quite a few beans as well the one time he made it in, and the year before last, he ate the entire crop in one day. I REALLY wanted a groundhog fur hat.