Thursday, August 09, 2007

More views of Washington County

Washington County produces something like 20% of the nations blueberries. Maine wild blueberries are delicious. This shop, Wild Blueberry Land, was very amusing.
The view of the bridge to Campobello Island from Lubec.
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.
Guess who!
Views from the Quoddy Head trails.

Note the light house began operating as the fog rolled in during the afternoon.
There is a spectacular hike on a raised boardwalk through a peat bog at the park. We saw eerie ancient stunted trees, rare plants, and unusual plants like the pitcher plant seen below.
A carnivorous pitcher plant. Note the water collected in the plant. Insects are caught in the water, prevented from escape by fine hairs on the throat of the plant, then digested by enzymes the plant produces. I should have brought some Japanese beetles!

No visit downeast is complete without a stop at Helen's for pie, blueberry, natch.
And of course the obligatory touristy photo in Eastport.


Sugarcamp said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks.Ali.I`m surprised there were no comments about my bike riding.

Carla said...

You took my favorite vacation! Don't you love Wild Blueberry Land? G. and I think it looks like something you would see on Teletubbies.

Louise & Lee said...

Impressive trip, one for us to look forward to in the future!