Thursday, August 09, 2007

Glorious Maine Coast

We just returned from a few days of camping at Cobscook Bay State Park, in far downeast Maine near Dennysville. It is an astonishingly beautiful place.

The campground was fabulous, with mostly spacious, private, well placed sites, many on the water. We had a great site, not on the
water but with a water view. In future, we'll be sure to make early reservations to get a waterfront site that will allow us to launch the kayaks right from the site.

Being conditioned to the coastal development in Midcoast-Maine, it amazed me to see vast stretches of undeveloped waterfront, not a building in sight, be it fishing shack or McMansion. The Country of the Pointed Firs still exists, albeit further east.
We paddled the bay, we visited the towns of Lubec and Eastport, and did some hiking at Quoddy Head State Park, and kicked back and relaxed. In Eastport, we partook of a local delicacy, Raye's Mustard at the mill/museum. It is the only stone grinding mustard mill in the U.S., and the mustard was good! We came home with several jars. We are going back, maybe even next week. Views from the campground follow, click to enlarge them.

The view from our campsite.
These views are from various camp sites(!)

The view from the boat launch.


Kathy said...

Stunning photos. Can't get enough of that Maine beauty. How were the bugs?

Dan said...

They weren't too bad really. Not bad at all. Quite tolerable even. No more than at home anyway. Bzzzzzz

Ali said...

By my standards the bugs at the site were barely noticeable, but I worked at girl scout camp so I developed a high tolerance level.

Either way, we invested in an inexpensive screen tent, and it made life ever so much more comfortable, especially as it gave us a comfortable, reasonably rain-free spot.