Friday, August 03, 2007

Garden photos

I took these photos a few days ago, but haven't managed to post them yet. Things here are beginning to look a bit dry, but I'm holding off on watering hoping for thundershowers tonight.

The new garden bed by the new deck.

The same bed May 31. The big mistake with this bed was to forget how tasty the Japanese beetles find the grapevine, which then leads them to the other plants, like my Morden Sunrise rose. The evil bugstards just LOVE the blossoms, sigh.

The sunflower is a volunteer, no doubt from the feeder. The cleome was planted to add season long color and stature in this new bed, and it has worked. I just love it.

I love this combination planted in the very hot and dry sedum bed along the driveway. Of course, the rose campion needs deadheading, but what else is new.

The Russian sage bed along the drive is just coming into bloom. It makes a terrific small seasonal hedge, allowing us to dump mounds of snow there in the winter months.

The front garden is coming into its second peak of hot colored daylillies and (surprise!) black-eyed susan.

This inula I received from a colleague years ago at the first annual plant swap I organized at work. I'm pleased to say the swap still occurs annually 6 years running even though I've moved on. Many of my flowers came from this generous group of gardeners. I still miss them after 3 years at my new job.


Tracy said...

Ali: Everything looks great in your garden!

Sugarcamp said...

The big wonderful payoff. Now I hope you will take some time to relax a little,read a good book, or maybe go kayaking. Mom says.

Sugarcamp said...

I have made your front garden my new desk top. It's so lovely.