Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kayak shade skirt

Dan and I are both fair skinned (that Celtic heritage), and I'm sensitive to sunscreens, so we have a tendency to fry in our boats.

So, I created a shade skirt out of some cheesey lightweight poly/cotton fabric, which is held on

with a drawcord around the cockpit combing.

The shade skirt can be scrunched toward the bow to enter or exit the boat or to change the amount of sun shining into the cockpit. I hope it works!

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Kathy said...

Ali_ I love the sun cover. I'm determined to get my own kyak ASAP. My dream is to be able to kyak on Summit Lake- 5 miles down the road. Now that I no longer fill the role of taxi mom, I have more freedom. I can see myself taking a crisp early fall row before classes each day. My earliest class is 10:00 am. Thanks for the inpsiration. love- kathy