Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quoddy Highlights

We had a great time in the Quoddy region last week, and are planning future visits. I was amazed at how little waterfront development we saw, but I suspect even Lubec will see development pressure along the coast.

Land and home prices are more reasonable than here, but not by much, which surprised me. I hope the development does not create another disaster like the Ellsworth-Acadia corridor. More photos (click to enlarge):

Who are these people?!

The famous (infamous?) West Quoddy Head Light, seen from Campobello Island. You can barely detect the stripes.

Amazing views from Hamilton Cove, part of a series of hikes in the area. You can faintly see Grand Manan Island in the background. The Quoddy Regional Land Trust publishes an excellent trail guide for the area. The Hamilton Cove hike was about 3 miles through a mix of alder thickets, spruce forest and open rocky headland. It was marvelous.

Dan enjoying the view on the Hamilton Cove hike.

The Roosevelt Cottage, with a gorgeous dahlia border planted along the walk.

The flowerbeds at the Roosevelt visitor's center were a spectacular mix of annuals. I recognized many of the plants, but not the two seen below. More mystery flowers to id! Can anyone help?

I have no clue what this blue flower is--it was a gorgeous flax flower blue, the leaves were slightly hairy, and it gre on long stems, repeat blooming as the flower grew.

This looked like a phlox, but was a gorgeous apricot shade, which I haven't seen in a phlox. Any ideas as to what these flowers are?


Kathy said...

This phlox-like flower puts me in mind of soapwort which is blooming now.

Kathy said...

The blue flower looks just like a campanula but the stems put me in mind of a blue flower called bugluse that blooms here in early spring