Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're famous!

My friend Herb Wilson mentioned Henbogle blog in his birding column in the Maine Sunday Telegram this past Sunday, writing about the hair of the dog and the titmouse, when a tufted titmouse was pulling hair from Fishy for her nest.

I thought I'd post the links to make it easier for people to find the photos and video.

A photo of one of a titmouse in the nest box can be seen here, and photos of a disappointed titmouse attempting to collect hair from the recently clipped Fishy here. Fishy and the Titmouse, the video, can be seen here. Fishy the lion dog can be seen here.

Who'd have thunk ol' Fishy would be responsible for making Henbogle famous!


Anonymous said...

Ali that is sooo coool!!!

Kathy said...

Always knew you were famous. Here at Cobleskill Fishy and the titmouse was used in my friend Kevin Berner's wildlife class to demonstrate "Cooperation in Nature".