Saturday, August 18, 2007

End of vacation blues

We're home again from the far reaches of eastern Maine. We had a fabulous vacation, a great mix of camping, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, and with an unexpected encounter with friends to add a couple of fun evenings to the mix.

With a mix of clear sunny days, cool nights, rain, thunderstorms and even coastal fog, we got to experience pretty much all the types of weather I want to experience from my awesome, but aging, tent. Our new screen tent again proved it's usefulness as Dan and I enjoyed a game of Snatch in the evenings while the bugs went hungry. I could have readily spent another couple of days at Cobscook Bay, although tonight would have been chilly, with the temperature here a mere 60F at 7 pm and a stiff breeze. No doubt it will be in the 40s tonight. Summer appears to be preparing for an exit. I noticed a few red maple leaves on the lawn this morning, fallen from our tree, sigh.

After the hawk episode I was a tad concerned about leaving the hens and the little chicks, but I'm happy to report all the chicks and hens are present and accounted for at Henbogle, and appear to be in fine fettle. It is a huge relief to know that our pals Bill and Michelle are taking great care of the zoo while we are away. THANKS GUYS!!

The vegetable garden kept on cranking out the veggies, and the hens rejoiced when we arrived on the scene and promptly gave them a monster zucchini. Cucumbers and beans are more than ready for picking, but alas, still no red tomatoes. Although there are some yellow squash nearly ready to pick, I am deeply in need of a tomato from my garden. Ripen, dammit!! So much for canning tomatoes before I head back to the office.

More tomorrow when I download more photos.


Tracy said...

Ali: Welcome back! I can't believe you don't have ripe tomatoes yet - have the temperatures been that cool? Anyway, glad to hear you had a good vacation.

Kathy said...

Glad the chicks are all accounted for. Whew! I also return to work this week...meetings...Then classes resume on Monday, August 27th. Cobscook Bay sounds like heaven.